Shhh . . .

I'm coming back here.
Don't tell anyone. I made that snazzy website and it's going really well and I think I have to use it for real, businessy stuff. So I'm coming back to this blog for other doings: for jabbering and ranting and using words like knob and, heck, maybe even fuck.
See you again soon.


Here it is chumlies.  photo P8103582_zps11af9f35.jpgThis post isn't just to show you this damned nifty picture . . .
It's to tell you that I've made a dirty great . . . stinkin' . . . show-off . . . website. And you can look at it here:
And this blog will be moving over there from now - it's pretty nice, the comments format is all efficient and chatty and the layout is good. I hope you'll still like visiting.
It's proper scary telling you folks and I don't think it's finished yet but if I waited for it to be finished before I showed you it might never happen.
So there you go.
Tell me what you think.

A new friend and it's friends

Here is the last friend in the gang - it's a turtoise. It's a characterful small beast, all lollop and bibble-bobble with it's tiny limbs. photo P82042002_zps8245c308.jpgI will photograph it better soon - it's got quite a glorious undercarriage. I've been a bit busy in my nest stuffing and sewing. With only the radio for company. photo P8274380_zps5d239b07.jpgSoon they're all going into a Designers Makers pop-up on Colombia Road. Where I think they'll fit in rather well. photo P8194137_zps5074b97b.jpgAll those cuddly folk lying around comatose on my sofa: it's like an exotic, underwater opium den.
So there you go - a triptych. Very good.

A small collection.

I have a small collection of watering can roses that I really rather love. They're all handsome metal ones of course - none of that green plastic muck. I thought I would take the opportunity today to parade them in front of you. photo P8194173_zpsd528ded1.jpgThis is the biggest one - hello.  photo P8194171_zps6197f006.jpgThis one is slightly smaller but stands up of its own accord, which is rather good.  photo P8194169_zps2b538a1b.jpgI like all their shapes and perforations, they have real character. This one is handsome in copper. photo P8194164_zps0ea24635.jpgThe slightest variations are nice in a collection. I always think of the effort that goes into manufacturing even the tiniest things: the constant tweaking and improving photo P8194163_zpse5cef5ab.jpg  photo P8194159_zps9c3266d3.jpg  photo P8194150_zps460f07e9.jpg  photo P8194148_zps0a694c1d.jpg
conical  photo P8264360_zpsf022ced7.jpgAnd these teeny little one entered the brood this weekend - courtesy of my Mum.
So there you go. It's always good to have a hobby, even if it is collecting watering can roses.

In other news. I'm headed down to Devon tomorrow to play my guitar and sing songs in front of a room full of people. What a strange thing to do - when I was asked it seemed so far in the future I just flippantly said I'd do it. But now the future is quickly becoming the present and I'm feeling a little bit completely unprepared. The Wolves, who organised it, are dead good - go look at their website.
I'll let you know how it goes.


Not the muscular sort of Staffie pup but these boggle eyed Staffordshire whimsies - which I have a soft spot for. More specifically the amazing gang of them that hang out at Gabor Cossa in Cambridge, an antiques wonder-cave run by the most wonderfully camp man.
I like them! I like that they come in pairs and that they're all similar but not the same. One day I will own some. photo P7152774_zps78efbd74.jpg  photo P7152779_zpseaafb17e.jpg  photo P7152792_zpsb90e5845.jpg  photo P7152794_zps683a297c.jpg  photo P7152800_zps4e2893eb.jpg  photo P7152802_zpsd0f1b1b0.jpgAnd there's one cat in the window that looks like it could really hold it's own.